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MPTA Helps Marine Aunt, Brandi, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, November 18, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Brandi, Guardian/Aunt of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Mike Company to become a Marine.

We are so proud of our Marine and his chosen path. I always told him that you don't have to take the same path as others. You take your path. You choose your life. We now see the remarkable path he has chosen as a Marine. He took the words I told him and applied them, and I know that he's going to go far with his career. That makes me proud because any cycle can be broken as long as you're strong enough. Thank you. Brandi, New Marine Aunt

Wrap it Up 2022 Run/Walk

December 9-11, 2022


It's time to Wrap it Up and finish strong! It's the finish line of the 2022 running season. Tally up your events and medals, do one last event, and share your successes for the year! Participate virtually with other Marine family members around the globe.

YOU choose the fitness activity and distance, whether biking, running, walking, or your favorite exercise equipment! Start slowly and build up your distance each month. For a “virtual run” there is no travel involved; you’ll complete your activity in your own community, your local gym, or even your own backyard.

Giving Tuesday: Charity Donations

Support With Your Donation


Our goal is $10,000 for Giving Tuesday 2022. We need your support to continue to serve Marines and their family members.

After 20 years of service, we've struggled to recover from the shutdown of our outreach programs and Marine Corps boot camp graduations during the COVID pandemic. Our programs are up and running now. Donating to the organization that has supported millions of Marines and their family members is more critical than ever. We want to continue to serve Marines and their family members.

USMC on Mobile Apps

The Official Marine Corps App has landed!


The United States Marine Corps has landed on mobile devices with its official application, Marines Mobile, which puts the story of the Corps in the hands of users. The free app is designed for anyone, who wants access to: news, press releases, videos, photos, Marine administrative messages, directives and orders and a social pulse which combines official social media feeds from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter all found under one icon.

Links and Resources by States

Find useful resources for Marine Corps family members and Veterans in your state!


Our States Resources database includes useful information for Marine Corps family members and Veterans including VA Hospital locations, Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) locations, and military Veteran organizations.

OCS/TBS - Graduations

Upcoming graduations for Officer Candidate School and The Basic School.


Do you have a family member in training to be a Marine Corps officer? We have a growing section of our website dedicated to helping you find the information you need. That includes this page, which includes report/graduation dates for Officer Candidate School and The Basic School.

Chosin Reservoir

November 27, 1950, in Marine Corps history.


On November 27, 1950, eight Chinese Communist divisions in Korea launched a massive attack intended to destroy the 1st Marine Division. This led to one of the most well-known chapters in Marine Corps history as the Marines successfully fought their way southward out of Chosin Reservoir to the coastal port of Hungnam.

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Rebecca, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, November 18, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Rebecca, Mother of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Mike Company to become a Marine.

My son has wanted to be a Marine since he was a little boy. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to be there to see his dream come true. I am so very grateful to the Marine Parents Organization for helping to make it all possible! I loved the shirt and banner they sent! Rebecca, New Marine Mom

Travel Plans for Graduation

Marine Corps Recruit Depot: PI & SD


Making your travel plans to San Diego or Parris Island is easy enough, but what about your soon-to-be Marine? Will he/she travel back home with you for 10-day leave? How do you know what time to arrange flights?

If you didn't discuss this with your recruit prior to leaving for boot camp, and most of us did not, and the letters you're getting from your recruit aren't giving you the answers you need, where do you turn?

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Cara, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, November 18, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Cara, Mother of a recruit, to Parris Island for the recruit's graduation from Golf Company to become a Marine.

This was the most amazing experience. I wasn’t sure how his grandpa (Air Force veteran) and I were going to get there. This was too important to miss! Thank you MarineParents Travel Assistance! Cara, New Marine Mom

Toys For Tots: 75 Year Anniversary

Marine Reserves Delivering Hope to Less Fortunate Children


The 2022 holiday season marks the 75th anniversary of the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program! Please join them in a special Nationwide celebration of this significant milestone.

For over seven decades, the Program has evolved and grown exponentially, delivering hope and the magic of Christmas to over 281 million less fortunate children. Now in its 75th year, the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program also provides year-round support to families experiencing challenges and exceptional circumstances, thus helping to fulfill the hopes and dreams of millions of families and children in need across our great Nation.

Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Do you know about the tradition of carrying the challenge coin?


Among the Marine Corps' many traditions is the carrying of the challenge coin, and it is rooted in history dating back to World War I.

Today, service members possess many medallions, or challenge coins, bearing their organization's insignia. These coins are often presented by high-ranking officers for a job well done, which is a great honor. They are also sometimes traded between men and women in a unit.

Spouse Registration After Marriage

Learn the process for a Marine registering their spouse into DEERS.


After a Marine is married it's important that they enroll their spouse in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) so that they will be eligible to receive the benefits available to them.

Operation Lancaster II

November 25, 1968, in Marine Corps history.


On November 25, 1968, the conclusion of Operation Lancaster II ended 10 months of military action against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army troops in the west-central region of the demilitarized zone region. Over 1,800 enemy troops were killed, 42 captured, and 913 weapons seized during the operation.

Native American Heritage Day

To Honor and Preserve Their History and Contributions


Native American Heritage Day is a civil holiday observed the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. American Indians are accorded special honor on this day, celebrating their rich cultures, accomplishments, contributions, and heritage. Perhaps the best-known military service for Native Americans is the Code Talkers.

Life in the Corps Website Map

Marine Corps Knowledge, Marine Life, History, and Tradition


These pages of our website are rich with information that you'll want to know while your loved one is in the Corps. We bring it to you in civilian terms. For help navigating our website, use this map of pages for Life in the Marine Corps.

The information I've learned from websites has been incredible. They give me information in civilian terms. I feel more informed, but more importantly, I feel closer to my daughter in her journey in the Marine Corps. Semper Family, and thank you!
—Marine Mom Genevieve from Plano, TX in 2020

Subic Bay Closes

November 24, 1992, in Marine Corps history.


On November 24, 1992, Marines lowered the flag at the Subic Bay U.S. Naval Facility in the Philippines for the last time. The lowering took place during ceremonies to turn over the facility to the government of the Philippines, ending almost a century of U.S. presence in the country.

Happy Thanksgiving from!

We are thankful to be providing services for 20 years!


The mission of, Inc., is to provide support, information, and services to Marines and their family members, and create opportunities for the public to support our troops through the organization's outreach programs. We are truly honored and thankful that we have been able to fulfill this mission since 2003 and it would not have been possible without YOU.

Video Marine Corps: Toys for Tots Commercial

You Tube Channel Marines


A Marine Corps commercial from 1997, "Toys for Tots -- Guard Duty."

Find a Well of Fortitude to Drink From

An Article Written by the Founder, Tracy Della Vecchia


Tracy wrote this article in the Fall of 2009. As we approach our 20th anniversary, we wanted to share some of our background, history, and the love the founder has for this amazing organization.

Colonel Bryan P. McCoy, USMC, encouraged me to find a well of fortitude to drink from and gain strength to carry on another day in the face of challenges and the emotional rollercoaster of having a son or daughter in the Marine Corps. This is my well of fortitude.Tracy Della Vecchia, Founder, 2009

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Amanda, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, October 28, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Amanda, Mother of a recruit, to Parris Island for the recruit's graduation from Kilo Company to become a Marine.

Without Marine Parents, this wouldn’t have been possible. My son is everything to me and it would have been devastating to not be there for him at one of the most important moments in his life. I have been there every step of the way for the last twenty years. It meant everything to both of us for me to be able to make it to his graduation! There are no words for how grateful I am! Thank you! Amanda, New Marine Mom

The Website

20 Years of Information in Civilian Terms


We've been helping Marine Corps family members navigate the Marine Corps for 20 years. We're your trusted source for information in civilian terms. For help navigating our website, use this map of pages on a Place to Connect & Share®.

Video Marine Corps: We Call Them Doc

You Tube Channel Marines Published on July 1, 2018


U.S. Navy Corpsman reflects on the 120th Hospital Corpsman Birthday on June 17, 2018. Corpsmen are a vital part of the Marine Corps team and continue to serve alongside their Marine brothers and sisters in every clime and place. (U.S. Marine Corps video shot by Sgt. Royce Dorman and edited by Cpl. Carlos Lopez)

Complete Care During Boot Camp

From Health and Wealth to Religious Ministries


Marine Corps boot camp recruits receive the best training possible and are cared for throughout their thirteen weeks on the Recruit Depot. Every base, including Religious Ministries, is covered from injury prevention and dental treatment to recruit pay and the Thrift Savings Plan.

Thank You for Choosing on Amazon Smile!

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When you're shoppong this holiday season, if you use Amazon, we hope you'll choose Marine Parents as your charity partner! Thank you to everyone who chooses Marine Parents as their Amazon Smile Charity Partner! 2nd Quarter Update from Amazon 10/27/2022: Purchases on AmazonSmile with selected as the charity partner resulted in $1,488.44 between April 1st - June 30th, 2022.

Want to help out? Shop through Amazon Smile and choose as your charitable organization. There is no cost to you.

On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you need to select a charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. We will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make on AmazonSmile will result in a donation.

Battle to Belong - U.S. Marine Corps Commercial

You Tube Channel Marine Corps Recruiting Published on September 17, 2020


One our favorite Marine Corps recruiting commercials! VERY inspirational! Be sure to watch. Some of what you seek can be found online, but for Marines, the things that matter most must be fought for: a true sense of purpose that comes from knowing you're part of something bigger than yourself and belonging that's only found among those who share a common cause. Not everyone belongs in our ranks, but those who do belong. Be part of the fight.

Beginning the Transformation to Marine

You Tube Channel Marines Published on April 7, 2011


Recruit training transforms civilians into Marines who can face any challenge. As recruits, they will be met with stress and chaos from the start at the hands of the drill instructor.

Marines Secure Tarawa

November 20, 1943, in Marine Corps history.


On November 20, 1943, the 2nd Marine Division, commanded by Major General Julian C. Smith, landed on Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll, in the Gilbert Islands.

After three days of bitter fighting that saw more than 1,000 Marines lose their lives and a further 2,100 wounded, Major General Smith declared the island secure.

Tradition of the Yellow Footprints

Excerpt from an April, 2009 Marine Corps Article


4/10/2009 by Lance Corporal Ed G., MCRDPI.

As the air brakes hiss, hearts beat faster, palms sweat, breaths become shorter and a bus of hopeful recruits are unified by the fear of the unknown.

These are the experiences of so many recruits who have passed through Parris Island's main gate.

Wounded Marine Handcrafts Marine Mom Necklace

Purple Heart Recipient LCpl Sean Carroll's Story


When the EGA Shop first revealed the Marine's Heart Pendant necklace and announced that it was handcrafted by Marine Corps veterans, the unique piece of jewelry gained significant attention. And the attention turned to the apprentice who makes the necklace, Lance Corporal Sean Carroll. Sean was critically wounded in Iraq on March 5, 2004 with 2/4 Marines in Ramadi. His injuries include TBI, PTSD, right leg amputation, loss of the left thumb and index finger, and extensive skin grafts.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Training Weeks

Here is a summary of the training weeks at boot camp.


Along with the matrices, our website contains a summary of each training week at Marine Corps boot camp. Our information comes from the official MCRD Parris Island and San Diego websites. The schedules for San Diego and Parris Island are different so be sure to select the correct tab on our page.

Video Marine Corps

Following the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor: The Legacy


The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is so much more than the Marine Corps insignia. It's a symbol of the honor, courage, and commitment of every Marine who has fought and won our Nation's battles.

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Rafaela, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Thursday, November 10, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Rafaela, Mother of a recruit, to Parris Island for the recruit's graduation from November Company to become a Marine.

I'm grateful for the Marine Parents travel assistance. I was able to see my Marine graduate not only as my first to go into the military but to see her also being part of the last all-female company to graduate. The emotions were overwhelming in a good way. I am so proud of her and all the other Marines that graduated with her. Without help, I would have missed her biggest milestone and I am grateful for the help. The shirt and banner were a bonus as I wasn't expecting either. I love them so much. Thank you. Rafaela, New Marine Mom

Honor Veterans Run Photos and Finish Times

Congratulations to our Participants!


We had 18 participants register for the 2022 Honor Veterans Run. They've shared their finish times and inspiring stories! Learn why they wanted to honor veterans with our virtual run/walk.

We're on Instagram

@MarineParentsInc and we'd love you to join us!


We've got great stuff on Instagram and adding more content daily. Take a minute to follow us and see what's up!

VIDEO: A Day at the MEPS

Video by John Toniolli Published on February 1, 2018


The Military Entrance Processing Station, or MEPS, is where applicants for military service go to complete the enlistment process. MEPS ensures that each applicant meets the aptitude, physical, and behavioral standards set by the Department of Defense and Service Branches.

MPTA Helps Marine Father, Vang Xeng, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Vang Xeng, Father of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Hotel Company to become a Marine.

Being able to see our Marine accomplish such an amazing thing makes me so proud. He has really grown so much, from being someone who could barely hold a conversation to building such graceful confidence in himself. It makes me so happy to be able to witness such a beautiful transformation. I just want to say thank you so much for making this trip possible! Vang Zeng , New Marine Dad

The Commandant's Reading List

What is it and why is it important?


Reading Books from the CRL (Commandant's Reading List) can help with promotions. How a Marine demonstrates completion of this annual requirement will be at the discretion of the commander, whether it be through a book report or guided discussion.

4th Marine Regiment Begins March to Germany

November 17, 1918, in Marine Corps history.


On November 17, 1918, the 4th Marine Brigade, as a part of the 2nd Division American Expeditionary Force, began marching toward the Rhine River to provide support to American forces occupying Germany. On their march toward occupied Germany, the Marines passed through Belgium and Luxembourg.

Photos of Your Recruit

Where can I see photos of my recruit in training?


Thirteen weeks is a long time to go without seeing your loved-one. That makes this a tough question to answer because we know you long to see a ANY photo of your recruit. However, we don't post photos of recruits in training except as approved by the United States Marine Corps Public Affairs Offices at either Recruit Depot Parris Island or Recruit Depot San Diego.

School of Infantry: Foot Patrol

Because Every Marine is a Rifleman


While attending the School of Infantry (SOI), Marines will be instructed on how to conduct foot patrols in both urban and rural environments. Learning the proper techniques of foot patrolling is a critical component to becoming a rifleman, as patrolling is a key element of asserting combat power and gaining battlefield dominance to accomplish the mission.

Your Recruit is a Recruit, Not a Marine

What it means to say the title is earned, never given


This page of our website includes several great articles to read during the first week your recruit is in boot camp. In the Marine Corps, a recruit must earn the title of United States Marine. A recruit is not a Marine when they enlist. A recruit is not a Marine when they step on the yellow footprints.

Marine Corps Social Networking

Social Media Guidance for Unofficial Posts


Throughout the Marine Corps' history, people have discussed, debated and embraced the United States Marine Corps and our Marines. These discussions continue today through online conversations and social networks. This page includes several articles and handbooks from the Marine Corps as well as guidelines from the organization.

Combat Marksmanship

SOI: Marines will undergo combat marksmanship training


The Marine Corps' primary mission is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, as well as to repel an assault by fire and close combat during amphibious assaults and subsequent operations ashore. Combat-ready Marines must be skilled in tactics and highly proficient in firearms.

Official Marine Corps Publications

This page includes links to official Marine Corps publications


Learn from the source! This website page links to official United States Marine Corps publications. The page includes links to the DOD website and the Marines Social Meda Handbook.

The GI Bill and How it Works

Educational Benefits Earned by Members of the Armed Forces


The term "GI Bill" refers to any educational benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs earned by members of the armed forces and their family members. These benefits are designed to assist service members and eligible veterans cover the costs associated with receiving a higher education or job training.

Learning About the Red Cross

How they help family members during an emergency


If you have a family emergency during your Marine's deployment or while your recruit is at boot camp, and feel you need to contact the recruit/Marine, your best course of action is to contact the American Red Cross. Please be aware that contact from the Red Cross will alert your Marine to a serious condition at home. The Red Cross has guidelines they must follow for qualifying emergency notification to your Marine.

The National Museum of the Marine Corps Virtual Experience

Explore the sights and sounds of the museum on your computer


The Virtual Experience includes interactive 3-D models of aircrafts and other artifacts, oral history recordings, walking tour narratives, zoomable HD photos of special exhibits and more. General James T. Conway gives an introduction to the Virtual Experience in a video featured on the Virtual Experience website.

Power of Attorney Before Boot Camp?

An article written by a Marine on staff.


While your son or daughter is preparing to leave for recruit training it is important that they ensure there is a plan for how their bills will be paid while they're gone. Some services will allow your recruit to put payments on suspension while at recruit training, however they will have to check with those services beforehand.

Marine Corps L.I.N.K.S. Program

Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge, and Skills


L.I.N.K.S. is an acronym that stands for Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge, and Skills. It is a program to help families of Marines and Sailors become more familiar with the customs and everyday lifestyle of the military. The classes are available to military personnel as well as spouses, parents, and children of Marines and Sailors. These class

Stages of Your Marine's Career

We are here for you at every stage!


The mission of is to provide support, information, and services to recruit and Marine family members and troops over the course of the life-cycle of your recruit or Marine's career in the Corps.

This sentiment is reflected in our Marine Corps Career icon. From the time your future Marine is a poolee, through boot camp, the school of infantry and military occupational schooling, permanent duty stations, and deployments. Then after your Marine's time in the Corps or if he or she is recovering from wounds or injuries sustained while serving, we have information for every step of the journey.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedicated

November 13, 1983, in Marine Corps history.


On November 13, 1983, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, containing the names of more than 13,000 Marines who lost their lives in Vietnam, was dedicated during a ceremony in Washington, D.C. The dedication, and the parade preceding it, were part of a week-long salute to veterans of the Vietnam War.

Structure of the Marine Corps

Learn More About the Corps in Civilian Terms


The USMC is organized with two parallel chains of command, service and operational. The Service chain begins with the President, through the Secretary of Defense, and continues through the Secretary of the Navy and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. The operational chain runs from the President, through the Secretary of Defense, directly to commanders of combatant commands for missions and forces assigned to their commands.

Corps Respect: A Family Value

What is it all about? What do Marines call it?


By now you've likely heard some new terminologies from your recruit or through reading information about the Marine Corps. While trying to get yourself wrapped around the meanings of some of these new terms, you may be seeing the same theme throughout, but you've not really been successful at labeling that term.

Sgt Major Bradley Kasal, Legendary Marine

34 Years in the Marine Corps and the Finest Leadership


Sergeant Major Bradley Kasal is one of the most legendary Marines in Marine Corps history. While he is most well-known for the iconic photograph of him being helped from a building in Fallujah, Iraq by two of his Marines, he is equally well-known by Marines for his leadership and courage.

TAPS/TAMP - Transition Assistance Programs

Learn about the process Marines go through as they transition out of the Marine Corps.


Before your Marine's end of active service (EAS) date, he or she will be required to go through a series of classes, discharge medical checks, terminal leave documents, separation documents, check out sheets, and more. These will assist your Marine during the process of ending their active service and after their separation from the Marine Corps.

US Dept of Navy and Marine Corps

Learn the structure of the Navy and Marine Corps


It's a question often asked by new Marine and Navy parents, what is the relationship between the Navy and the Marine Corps? The Navy provides support to the Marines through Navy Docs, Chaplains, and Transportation by ship, among other things. This page on our website looks at the U.S. Navy and the Marine Corps organization.

Oath of Enlistment

Learn about the Marine Corps Oath of Enlistment.


The final step of joining the Marine Corps before departing for boot camp or Officer Candidate School is being sworn in by repeating the enlisted or officer Oath.

Marine Corps Acronyms & Abbreviations

Here is a starting point for recruit families to learn the thousands of acronyms for the Marine Corps.


This page is a great reference for those who want to learn military acronyms and abbreviations. The military uses many acronyms that troops must learn. There are some that are specific to a branch, including the Marine Corps.

Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Armed Forces Day

Learn the differences between these military holidays!


While Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Armed Forces Day acknowledge the service and sacrifices of our military members, it's essential to understand the difference between these important days.

Veterans are often thanked for their service on Memorial Day and during the holiday weekend when we should be honoring our fallen heroes who died in service to our country. Some veterans will politely acknowledge your appreciation and continue with their day. Some will gently remind you that today is not about them. Some may show frustration for you not understanding the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Armistice Day: World War I Ends

November 11, 1918 in Military History


On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War, then known as “the Great War.” Though the Treaty of Versailles, signed on June 28, 1919, marked the official end of the war, the public still viewed November 11th as the date that marked the end of the Great War.


November 11, is Veterans Day, Tell a Vet Thanks!


Today, November 11, is Veterans Day and here at Marine Parents, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of America's veterans, past and present, for the sacrifices they've made on behalf of a grateful nation.

The Marine Corps Hymn (Slow Version)

United States Marine Band


You Tube Channel United States Marine Band Published on November 5, 2020

A formal Marine Corps birthday ball traditionally includes both dinner and dancing, but the highlight is the official cake-cutting ceremony. When a live musical ensemble is not available for a birthday ball, recorded music is a viable alternative. Event organizers and Marines across the globe can utilize appropriate ceremonial music by downloading MP3s or video from the Audio Resources section of the Marine Band’s website. “The President’s Own” offers the bugle calls, marches, and other selections required for the ceremony as well as many martial pieces available for other military functions.

(Page includes a link to Official Marine Band downloads!)

Mail and Packages During Boot Camp

You may begin writing to your recruit as soon as you receive his/her address.


Though your recruit may move from one location to another during boot camp, you will always use the same mailing address for him or her.

The first letter you receive from your recruit will be a form letter. This letter should arrive in your mailbox approximately 10-14 days after they leave. The form letter should include your recruit's mailing address.

Happy 247th Birthday Marines!

Celebrating the Birth of the United States Marine Corps


Since before the United States of America was a country, the Marine Corps has provided patriotic young men and, since 1918, women with the chance to fight for and protect our freedom, instilling them with the core values of honor, courage, and commitment along the way. By refusing to be anything or accept anyone other than the best, the United States Marine Corps has established itself as America's elite fighting force.

First Celebration of Marine Corps' Birthday

November 10, 1921, in Marine Corps history.


November 10, 1921, marks the date of the first formal celebration of the Marine Corps' birthday as November 10. On October 21 of that year, Major Edwin McClellan sent a memo to then-Commandant of the Marine Corps, John A. Lejeune, proposing that the original date of the founding of the Marine Corps, November 10, be declared a Marine Corps holiday to be celebrated by Marines across the globe. Less than two weeks later, on November 1, Commandant Lejeune issued Marine Corps Order No. 47 summarizing the history, mission, and tradition of the Corps, and directed that it be read to all Marine commands each year on November 10.

Graduation Photos, Videos, & Yearbooks

This information will help you find graduation videos and yearbooks for either Recruit Depot.


Sometimes graduation videos and yearbooks can get lost or damaged. If this happened to you and you want to get new ones, this page will help you find the contact information for those who make the videos and yearbooks.

Structure of a Marine Corps Regiment

Learn how a Marine Corps Regiment is structured from top to bottom.


The United States Marine Corps is a unique branch of the US military and is organized as part of the Department of the Navy. With over 241 years of warfighting experience and distinct prestige, the Marine Corps has mastered the art of military structure.

United We Stand: We Need Your Help

The Organization Needs to Raise $130,000 to Continue to Operate


We’re holding a fundraiser to keep our doors open and continue to serve the Marine Corps community. We have helped thousands of Marines and hundreds of thousands of family members. Today, we need your help.

Click the image to learn more and donate, or Click to Donate Using PayPal.

a Place to Connect & Share® is a registered trademark of the United States Marine Corps. Used with permission.

With the combined wisdom of you and your team at, I feel I have "grown up" as a Marine parent, and I am grateful for that. Thank you for your service.
— Julie Arca, Marine Mom, 2011

Join an Official Marine Parents Facebook Group

Make sure you get the most accurate information! Join OUR groups.


If you are on Facebook, make sure you're in at least ONE of our OFFICIAL Marine Parents Facebook groups. With 20 years of experience offering recruit and Marine families a place to connect and share, we're you're trusted source in social media!

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Flor, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, November 4, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Flor, Mother of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Delta Company to become a Marine.

Thank you Marine Parents for helping the Bernal/Reyes family attend this special event. Being able to see my son's graduation was an amazing feeling. We are so grateful words can’t even describe the feeling. It has been a crazy 13 weeks and I finally get to hug my son! Thank you. May God bless you always. Flor, New Marine Mom

Your Journey Starts With Our Handbook

Available as a Free Publication AND an Online Flipbook


The handbook is available from recruiting stations, or you can read it online in our flipbook version. The flipbook includes clickable links to learn more about our services. The hardcopy includes QR codes you can scan for more information using your smartphone.

I was excited to find your flipbook online. I can't always read content on a website. The handbook gave me an overview of the free services you provide. Thanks for getting this out there and for doing what you do.

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Elizabeth, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, November 4, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Elizabeth, Mom of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Delta Company to become a Marine.

Going to see our son graduate has been a great adventure. We have 7 kids and flying wasn't an option so we had to take a 21.5 hr drive with 4 of our children. Financially we were worried we would not be able to make the trip. We are so very thankful for the help from the Marine Parents Travel Assistance program. The pride on his face today was well worth the travel. My birthday was at the beginning of November and that first hug was the best hug my son has ever given me and the best birthday present ever. My husband and I are so proud of our oldest son. Thank you. Elizabeth, New Marine Mom

Operation Desert Shield

November 8, 1990, in Marine Corps history.


On November 8, 1990, President George H.W. Bush announced his plan to add more than 200,000 additional troops to those already deployed to the Persian Gulf area in support of Operation Desert Shield. With the addition of II MEF units from the Marine Corps' East Coast bases and the 5th MEB from California, the number of Marines deployed to the area swelled to nearly 90,000 within two months.

247th Marine Corps Birthday Message

From the Commandant and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps


You Tube Channel United States Marine Corps Published on November 7, 2022

On November 10, 2022, U.S. Marines around the globe will celebrate 247 years of success on the battlefield and a legacy defined by honor, courage and commitment.

This year, the Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. David H. Berger and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Troy E. Black reiterate to the force that Marines are warfighters first and foremost, in any clime and place.

Drawing on the strength and service of those who wore the Eagle, Globe and Anchor in years past, Marines today are standing ready to fight and win.

(U.S. Marine Corps video by SSgt John Martinez, SSgt Aaron Patterson and Rick Robinson)

Seeking Participants for a DOD Study

Family Members of Service Members Post 10/2001


Are you a parent, spouse, or significant other of a service member or veteran who served in the military after October 2001? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a study requested by Congress. Your input may help improve the health care services offered to you. Help your fellow military families and loved ones! If you or someone you know may be interested please call (855) 821-1469 or email

Support the Organization that Supports Marines

Your Donation Makes a Difference


Join the Regional Group for Your State


Our team of Community Relations volunteers have been trained to present on behalf of the organization and to help facilitate brick and mortar "Connect & Share" events around the country. They also participate in our "Regions" Facebook Groups to communicate with family members in their own states.

3 Reasons to Shop at the EGA Shop

Official Marine Corps Licenses, Nonprofit, Great Products!


  1. We are an official trademark licensee of the United States Marine Corps. Royalty fees support Marine Corps morale programs on posts around the world.
  2. As a nonprofit corporation, 100% of the proceeds support our outreach programs.
  3. We have great products and designs for every member of your family!

Tun Tavern: Birthplace of the Marine Corps

Learn the significance Tun Tavern has in Marine Corps history!


During the American Revolution, many important political discussions took place in the inns and taverns of Philadelphia, including the founding of the Marine Corps.

A committee of the Continental Congress met at Tun Tavern to draft a resolution calling for two battalions of Marines able to fight for independence at sea and on shore.

The resolution was approved on November 10, 1775, officially forming the Continental Marines.

Sergeant John Basilone

Learn more about one of the most courageous and dedicated Marines in history!


Marines are known for being always faithful; for never giving up; for being hard-chargers. Perhaps no Marine better exemplified these traits than Sergeant "Manila John" Basilone, the only enlisted Marine in World War II (WWII) to be awarded both the Medal of Honor and Navy Cross and a true Marine Corps legend.

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VA Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry

Presumptive conditions are asthma, rhinitis, and sinusitis


Military sites in Iraq and Afghanistan have often used burn pits as a way to dispose of waste. While research does not currently show that there are long-term health effects from exposure to burn pits the VA continues to research this topic.

There have been reported effects to the skin, eyes, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal tract, and internal organs due to the toxins from burn pit smoke. Veterans who were exposed to the burn pits for longer periods of time may be at greater risk. Most of the irritation, such as eye irritation and burning, coughing, and throat irritation, are temporary and will resolve once the veteran is no longer exposed to the burn pits. According to a 2011 Institute of Medicine Report, those deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq are at greater risk to respiratory illness due to the high levels of fine dust and pollution than to exposure to burn pits.

The Commandant and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

Learn about the highest-ranking officer and enlisted Marine in the Marine Corps.


The Commandant of the Marine Corps commands the United States Marine Corps and is the senior officer of the United States Marine Corps. The Commandant is not necessarily the highest-ranking officer in the Marine Corps, but holding the position of Commandant makes him senior to all other officers regardless of rank.

The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is selected by the Commandant of the Marine Corps and serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the Commandant. The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is revered as the most outstanding, unparalleled enlisted Marine.

The Marines Hymn

Learn the history of the Marines Hymn.


Following the Barbary Wars of 1805, the Colors of the Corps were inscribed with the words "to the shores of Tripoli." After the capture and occupation of Mexico City in 1847, the Colors were changed to read "from the shores of Tripoli to the Halls of Montezuma." These events in Marine Corps history are the origin of the opening words of the Marines' Hymn.

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Volunteering at Marine Parents is a rewarding experience and opens many doors to new friendships and levels of support, and provides you an opportunity to lend support to other Marine Corps families, in addition to our Marines and Sailors. Volunteers at Marine Parents receive no compensation, either monetarily or with benefits.

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Toi, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, October 21, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Toi, Mother of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Echo Company to become a Marine.

I am beyond grateful for the MarineParents Travel Assistance program! I couldn’t imagine having to miss out on this unbelievable experience that I was able to spend with my Baby (Man/Marine). It has been insanely awesome that words can't even describe how amazing this feeling is! Thank you, ALL OF YOU! You are truly the best! I am forever grateful! Toi, New Marine Mom

Marine Corps Pay and Allowances

Information regarding your Marine's pay


There are many components to Military Pay. There is basic pay, special pay, incentives, allowances, and sometimes retirement pay, for those that serve long enough. This page on our website explains the differences in the pay your Marine may receive during their career in the Marine Corps. We include several links for those who may want to dig deeper into the topic.

Graduation Dates for Marine Corps Boot Camp

View the upcoming ship and graduation dates for recruit training at


Do you have a poolee shipping to boot camp soon? Or maybe you have a recruit who will graduate from recruit training in a month or so. This page will help you find what you're looking for. We keep this page up-to-date as the Marine Corps announces changes to their recruit training graduation schedule. We understand communication with your recruit can be sporadic at times. We hope this page will help ease some of your concerns!

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Cynthia, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, October 28, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Cynthia, Grandmother/Legal Guardian of a recruit, to Parris Island for the recruit's graduation from Kilo Company to become a Marine.

This assistance meant so much to me! I am a proud grandma who had the pleasure of raising this new Marine along with some of my other grandchildren. They all make me so proud and this assistance made me a little more at ease knowing I had the financial assistance to see him graduate. I can’t thank the ones who donate to this fund enough. It helped me focus on the important part of seeing him instead of wondering how I was going to afford to come. I am blessed in so many ways. Cynthia, New Marine Grandmother

Citizenship in the Marine Corps

Learn how a Marine can obtain citizenship while in the Marine Corps.


Not every Marine that serves their country is a United States citizen. At least not always right away. There are different scenarios where a Marine can obtain citizenship from their service. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have outlined how Marines and their spouses can become citizens through military service.

Embracing All Stages of the Marine Corps

Why We Need to Support and Respect EVERY Stage of the Journey


From Marine Parents Founder, Tracy Della Vecchia:
As I reflect on the 20 years of service to Marines and their family members there is one thing I know: everyone is in a different stage of being a Marine family member. Prior to 9/11, I had no idea that the course of my existence would change so drastically. But it did. My son was at Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego and our country was going to war.

When you compare the journey of each of our Marine Parents, family members, and Marines, we each have our own stories to tell and we're each on the journey at a different level of understanding and the emotions that go along with it. It's important to embrace the career stage that each of us is experiencing, as that is the definition of the Marine Corps family.

For Boot Camp Graduations at San Diego

Must See: Marine Corps Recruit Depot Command Museum


If you're going to graduation, a must-see is the Command Museum. Your newly-minted Marine will most likely insist on it. They are proud of their history and want to share that with you. Our website offers additional information about the museum along with a slide show of images. Check it out!

The Marine Corps Seal

Adopted by Presidential Executive Order 10538 of 22 June 1954.


The Marine Corps Seal, designed by the Marine Corps Uniform Board in accordance with instructions of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, then General Lemuel G. Shepherd, Jr., was adopted by Presidential Executive Order 10538 of 22 June 1954.

Addressing Letters to Recruits

Be sure to properly address letters to your recruit so they arrive as quickly as possible.


During the first two weeks of recruit training, recruits will send home a letter stating they've made it to MCRD and will provide an address for which to receive mail.

All mail is routed through the only mail office on the depot. Your mail will not reach your recruit without the correct COMPANY AND PLATOON NUMBER. The mail office will see that information and sort the mail to that company and platoon. The company and platoon information will be listed on the letter your recruit sends home about 2 - 3 weeks into training.

Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Sword

Learn the history of the sword carried by NCOs and SNCOs in the Marine Corps.


Adopted in 1859, the United States Marine Corps NCO sword is carried by Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Staff Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs).

Currently used solely for ceremonial purposes, the M1859 NCO sword was introduced by the sixth Commandant of the Marine Corps, Colonel John Harris in recognition of the leadership of NCOs/SNCOs in combat.

November is Military and Veteran Family Month

Our military families make sacrifices, too!


While the sacrifices made and hardships endured by our service members are well-documented, a related aspect that many people may not think about as often are the sacrifices made and hardships endured by military families as well. Maintaining a family in the civilian world is challenging enough, and military families may also face additional, unique challenges, such as frequent moves from base to base, having a loved one deployed for months on end, or dealing with long-term physical and/or emotional wounds, that can make the task of maintaining a family seem almost overwhelming.

22nd MAU Lands on Carriacou

November 1, 1983, in Marine Corps history.


On November 1, 1983, 300 U.S. Marines from the 22nd Marine Amphibious Unit (MAU) staged an amphibious and helicopter landing on the island of Carriacou, 15 miles northeast of Grenada, in a search for Cuban military installations or personnel. 17 Grenadian soldiers were captured in the assault, and arms, ammunition, and training sites were found as well. The next day, the 22nd MAU left Grenada and headed to Beirut, Lebanon to replace the 24th MAU.

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Carolyn, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, October 21, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Carolyn, Mother of a recruit, now MARINE, to Parris Island for the recruit's graduation from Fox Company to become a Marine.

Being at Marine Corps Graduation, Parris Island 10/21/2022 was one of the most important moments of my life. I have never been so moved in my life over the course of two days. I was in total awe of the events. When the newly minted Marines marched out on the parade deck the hair stood up on the back of my neck. After 13 weeks of wondering and worrying and all of a sudden, it all made sense. The pride. The overwhelming feeling of success for my child, who became SO proud of HIMSELF as a part of this process. It saved him. It is his thing now, his purpose and I am forever grateful. Semper Fi! Carolyn, New Marine Mom

MCMAP: Marine Corps Martial Arts

a combat-oriented martial arts program created by the Marine Corps


MCMAP training teaches Marines the skills required in unarmed combat, weapons of opportunity, rifle and bayonet tactics, and edged weapon techniques. It focuses on hand-to-hand combat, the combat mindset, combat conditioning, and close-quarters fighting. Mental, character, and physical aspects are three disciplines emphasized in the martial arts program.

The Crucible During Recruit Training

The Crucible is a test every recruit must go through to become a Marine.


The Crucible is a test every recruit must go through to become a Marine. It tests every recruit physically, mentally, and morally and is the defining experience of recruit training. The Crucible takes place over 54 hours and includes food, sleep deprivation, and over 45 miles of marching. The Crucible event pits teams of recruits against a barrage of day and night events requiring every recruit to work together to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and help each other along the way.

Marines Raid Caco Stronghold in Haiti

October 31, 1919, in Marine Corps history.


On October 31, 1919, a Marine and gendarme, led by Sergeant Herman H. Hanneken, disguised themselves as Cacos and entered the headquarters of the Haitian Caco Leader, Charlemagne Peralte, killing Peralte and dispersing his followers. Sergeant Hanneken and Corporal William R. Button were each awarded the Medal of Honor for their respective roles in the mission.

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Tina, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, October 14, 2022, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Tina, Mother of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Bravo Company to become a Marine.

I cannot express enough how grateful my family is to have been able to be there for my Marine's first steps into the Marine Corps brotherhood. It was such a special occasion that I couldn't have attended if it wasn't for your travel assistance. God bless you all! Tina, New Marine Mom


Learn how you can help spread the word to new recruit and poolee families!


UPDATE 10/24/2022: We have raised $15,464 of our $32,000 goal!

Marine Corps Recruiters use our handouts and literature during presentations to poolee families before their recruit ships to boot camp. In 2021, we shipped 281 kits. This year the requests from recruiters have more than doubled. As of October 24, 2022, we've sent 600 literature kits to recruiting stations. The orders are still coming in and we're short on funds. We need your help with a donation. Please help new poolee and recruit parents to find the support of by sponsoring boxes of matrices and handbooks for Recruiters.

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I just want to say thanks for these packages you've sent. I've been giving out your literature to families of poolees about to ship. They answered that it helps them out a lot. So thank you guys for what you're doing. Marine Corps Recruiter
Shipping Boxes to Recruiters
Our cost for one box with 30 sets of matrices, handbooks, literature, and posters is $58 with shipping. In 2021 we shipped 281 boxes to recruiting stations around the US. As of October 24, 2022, we have shipped over 600 boxes to recruiters this year.

Preparing for Boot Camp

For your Poolee and for YOU!


Are you a seasoned Marine Parent our just starting the journey? This is great information for you to know as you meet other family members who are new to the Corps. You can help them prepare starting in the Poolee stage.

As a poolee, your son or daughter is preparing for boot camp, and the recruiters are preparing the poolees physically, intellectually, and emotionally. They have probably heard from other new Marines who have come back to the recruiter's office and shared their experience from boot camp. The recruiters are preparing the poolees the best way they can.

What about you...who has prepared you?

Reserve Options

Learn the different options young men and women have to serve in the Marine Corps Reserve.


For the most part, when civilians think of a reservist they think of someone who reports to their unit one weekend a month and for two weeks in the summer. There are actually a few different options that provide young men and women the opportunity to serve their country.

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To the great folks at, thanks for your web page and your newsletter. We don't hear from our Marine very often so when we go to your site it somehow makes us feel a little closer to him. Heartfelt Thanks!

Licencia de 10 Días

Después de la Graduación de Boot Camp


La siguiente fase de entrenamiento después del campamento de reclutamiento es SOI, o Escuela de Infantería. Su nuevo Marine tiene derecho a diez días de licencia después de reclutamiento. Su nuevo Marine puede reportarse a SOI antes de tiempo para guardar la licencia si lo desea.

Marine Speak

Learn some of the common words and phrases Marines use on a daily basis.


The Marine Corps has a rich and proud tradition. The countless battle streamers earned by each individual unit is a testament to this fact. There are many things that the Marines do that set them apart from the other branches of service. However, the Marine Corps has always had a long-standing history with the U.S. Navy. This is to be expected, considering that the Marine Corps falls under the Department of the Navy. The United States has a military unlike any other. Specifically, we are fortunate enough to have a maritime tour de force. As such, the Marine Corps and Navy often times operate hand in hand. Consequently, one of the many things that we use in conjunction with the Navy is their terminology.

10-Day Leave After Boot Camp Graduation

Learn about the 10-day leave Marines earn after completing recruit training.


The next phase of training after boot camp is SOI, or School of Infantry. Your new Marine is entitled to ten days leave after recruit training. Your new Marine may report to SOI early in order to save leave if desired.

Marine Corps Physical Fitness

Learn about the physical fitness standards that allow Marines to perform so well in combat.


When asked what your son or daughter is doing these days, you may have noticed a very impressed reaction when you tell whoever asked that he/she is a United States Marine. Undoubtedly, this is due to the illustrious history of the Corps, the rigorous 13-week boot camp, and the expectation that the Marines are in optimal shape. But what is the Marine Corps' secret to this standard of excellence? It has to do with the emphasis that individual Marines and the Corps place on physical conditioning. Learning Center

Come learn about the Marine Corps with us!

10/28/2022, Inc.™ began as a complement to information available on the official United States Marine Corps website. We provide accurate, well-researched information about all phases of your Marine's career in the Corps, including boot camp, school of infantry, MOS school, duty stations, deployment, and homecomings.

5th MEB Heads to Cuba

October 28, 1962, in Marine Corps history.


On October 28, 1962, 10,000 Marines of the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade left Camp Pendleton by sea en route for the Caribbean during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

A week prior, the entire Marine Corps had been put on alert, and elements of the 1st and 2d Marine Divisions were sent to Guantanamo Bay to reinforce the U.S. Naval Base.

We Want to Help: Attn Recruiters...

...and family members in touch with a recruiter!


Did you know that we've got literature kits to send to you for your poolees and parents? We ship literature kits to recruiters at no charge. Parents of poolees and recruits love the presentation folders and the matrix! Each kit includes 30 sets of literature.

We would also like to ensure you know about your Marine Parents Travel Assistance for Recruit Graduations. Did you know we provide monetary assistance to a family member who may not otherwise be able to attend their recruit's graduation from boot camp? There is no additional work on your part; pass on the information.

Thank you so much. These packages that you have sent have helped out a lot. I've been sending them to each of my poolees' parents when they're about to ship, and they said that your website had helped them out a lot. SSgt Mendoza, RSS El Paso West, 2015

Medical Discharge

Learn the process Marines go through when they are medically discharged from the Corps.


The Marine Corps demands a lot from Marines, both physically and mentally. Physical training can take a toll on the body. The mental stress, whether a Marine has been in combat or not, can take a toll on the mind. Medical conditions can persist to a point that a Marine would be rendered unfit for duty and then be medically separated or retired.

Videos to Share at

Here are some Marine Corps videos you can share with friends and family!


This section of our website includes links to videos we'd like to share with you and in our groups and social media platforms. The videos range from the poolee stage all the way through a Marine's career in the Corps.

Recruit Mom Meets Fundraising Goal

Sarah raises $600 to help the Outreach Programs of MarineParents!


Team Marine Parents Participant Sarah Yturbide surpasses her fundraising goal of raising $600. Sarah set her goal at $500, wanting to help the outreach programs of MarineParents.

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