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There are a number of different home loan options available to veterans through the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA). The intent of the loans is to provide qualifying individuals with favorable terms through private lenders. The VA guarantees specific portions of the loan, which in turn allows a home-buyer to pay reduced rates.

Specific benefits provided to veterans include purchase loans, Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans (IRRRLs), Native American Direct Loans and Adapted Housing Grants. Purchase loans appear to be what most people utilize. These allow for veterans to pay a competitive interest rate, often times without the need for a downpayment. Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan allow veterans to refinance their existing VA home loans. The Native American Direct Loan program helps eligible Native Americans purchase homes on Federal Trust Land. Finally, the Adapted Housing Grants allow veterans with service-related disabilities purchase an adapted home, or to modify an existing home to better suit their specific needs.

In terms of eligibility requirements, Purchase Loans require an individual to be a veteran (active duty or reservist called to active duty), have an acceptable credit score, earn sufficient income, and have a valid Certificate of Eligibility.

I had a friend utilize a VA home loan. He bought a new, moderately priced house and it required no down payment and has very equitable terms. In my opinion, these may be among the best benefits available to veterans. Alex, USMC Veteran
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To learn more about the VA Loan process, visit The site is dedicated to educating service members about the VA loan program and process. There’s also a tool to compare and connect with any of the top VA lenders based on loan volume, loan type and customer satisfaction.

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