IRR Obligations and Requirements from After the Corps

Per U.S. Code Title X and Marine Corps policy, IRR Marines are obligated to notify the Marine Corps of any change to their:

  • Contact Information: Address, at least one telephone number, and email address.
  • Civilian Employment Information (CEI). (This is actually, at minimum, an annual review and certification. If there are civilian employment changes that occur after an annual certification, the change(s) must be updated at that time. CEI is reported in Marine Online (MOL).
  • Marital status.
  • Number of dependents..
  • Physical condition that would prevent him/her from meeting Marine Corps physical or mental standards.

Per Marine Corps policy, IRR Marines are required to:

  • Maintain their basic uniform regulations (i.e., No uniform can be worn during political rallies or protests, etc..)
  • Maintain standards of conduct. (i.e., Allegations or convictions of certain criminal offenses can lead to administrative separation, and if separated, some or all benefits earned as a Marine would be lost, depending on the category of discharge.)
  • Report for involuntary recall to active duty, whether operational, administrative (i.e., Administrative Musters), or legal.

irr requirements musterSan Diego IRR Marines attend mega-muster. USMC photo.

Additional Information:

A Marine who wishes to remain in the IRR must be in good standing and continue to uphold the traditions of honorable service. Additionally, that Marine must accrue a minimum of 50 Reserve Retirement Credit Points during their Anniversary Year* (failure to do so can lead to denial of reenlistments/extensions for enlisted Marines and discharge for both officers and enlisted Marines).

An enlisted Marines is required to request reenlistment (or extension as required) as his or her contract nears its end, the same as active component and Selective Reserve (SelRes) Marines.

Officers who receive a Reserve commission during their initial period of active duty must positively elect to remain in the Ready Reserve within two years of their Military Service Obligation (MSO), otherwise they will be automatically discharged.

*Anniversary Year: The anniversary year is a period of 12 consecutive months (365/366 days) during which a member must accrue a minimum of 50 points (including membership) if such period is to be credited as a qualifying year for retirement purposes. The anniversary date is the date on which the anniversary year commences.

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